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About Us

What is 2-1-1?

2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember three-digit phone number which can be dialed anywhere in Ashtabula County to connect people in need with community, social, health and human service programs and resources.

2-1-1 is not new, for more than 15 years Community Action has been providing the vital link connecting people in need to services available to assist with practical problems in their lives.

Why is 2-1-1 important?

Most people are not aware that 2-1-1/information and referral services exist to make their search for assistance easier.  Calling agencies without knowing their services can be frustrating, and often those most in need give up and never receive the assistance they require.  Using the easy access 2-1-1 number will make it more convenient for people to find the right program to help with their specific need.  By having 2-1-1 match the services available to the callers needs, they can get started taking the necessary steps to solve the problem more quickly.

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